Lay day crew report from the Godffather

2017-02-25T08:10:36+13:00February 25th, 2017|Event, World Championship|

After a little lie in then four rashers of bacon with eggs on toast, I proceeded to Napier Sailing Club on my bicycle, heeding the request for attendance from my skipper Sally (individual recall by phone), having departed for the same destination some hours previously. On arrival I discovered the cover still on the boat and the girls all drinking coffee, as I suspected no urgency was really required.

Three things needed to be sorted today: Our support boat needed to be recovered from Firmans Marine, where it was having an emergency service after a loss of power on the course yesterday; a rig check for emotional wellbeing of my skipper and the girls wanted a pedicure which would hopefully allow me to spend quality time holding down the couch with my cat Chairman Meow who has come down from Auckland with us.

Step one: relaunch the RIB… Step two recover the RIB drain out the water and put the bungs in, must be brain fade induced at last night’s prize giving. Our courageous leader Sally, RAYC Commodore (and my skipper) with Alison (Iff crew) then headed off to sea, leaving me instructions to call Coastguard if they did not return. Finally a chance to relax, but no there was boat work to be done, a crews life is never simple.

Morning chores complete and the RIB safely back in the marina, off to the Thirsty Whale for ale and a burger – this is more like a lay day. The ladies then departed to the beauty parlour to have their toe nails attended to, I got to ride home to do the laundry before finally getting some quality couch time watching David and Chewy straight line with Charles and Allan from the comfort of my lounge.
Intel collected for my skipper is the sea seem to have abated as I was not woken by waves crashing on to the beach during my snoozing.

Bring on the main event.

Neil Easton
The Godffather (4003)