Day 2 update from the race course

2017-02-27T07:27:07+13:00February 27th, 2017|Event, World Championship|

The split high around New Zealand continues to mean light breezes for the Worlds. After a wait ashore, the breeze started to fill in and the launch ramp jumped into action. Easteries of 6 to 10 knots, and plenty of holes were the order of the day.

With the course set, and after the over eager general recall, the second start was clear and it was game on. Challenging conditions eventually saw Great Britain’s Steve Goacher and Tim Harper take the gun, followed by countrymates David McKee and Mal Hartland. The performance of the day award goes to David Zorn, and World’s organizer Graeme Robinson hot on their heels in 3rd. Fantastic result for the Napier stalwarts!

Kiwis Rob Ward and Bruce Yovich took out 5th and are quietly climbing up the leader board. So much for it being quiet!

Tomorrow looks much the same. Everyone looking for the edge in these light conditions.

Results after three races

Brian Kent
Loafer (3508)