Scott and Haydens Worlds Wrap up

2019-09-16T20:59:03+12:00September 16th, 2019|World Championship|

Day 1 we sat onshore as it was to windy to start but forecast was for it to drop later in the day. At about 3 o’clock the OD decided to send us out in a strong NW offshore breeze. Was a very hard race probably the most we had been out in a Fifteen. Got buried off the start and only had a few behind us at the top mark but had a great flat run and moved through the fleet during the race to finish 30th. No more races today.
Day 2 started earlier as the forecast was for fading breeze. Conditions were 12 gusting 15 and we were having trouble holding the boat down in the gusts. There were big wind shifts 20 to 30 degrees and very unpredictable. Had 2 average starts as there was no landmarks to use to get a line from. Worked the shifts the best we could but struggled with boat speed. Ended the day with a 25th in the first and a much better 13th in the second.
Day 3 and much lighter conditions and wind completely in the opposite direction from the sea today. Got a very average start at the boat and had to go left. Came in at the mark from the left with a bit of pressure which allowed us to get through the fleet to about 20th. Held the position throughout the race in a dying breeze with big patches and shifts with pressure to finish 20th. Race 2 got a good start out of the middle and and again worked out to the left. Right paid on the first beat but got to the top mid teens. On the 2nd lap the wind was dropping fast and tide was strengthening. Picked a very good layline into the top mark which allowed us to pick up the places we had lost up the beat. Down the run the wind dropped completely and the leaders had extended substantially. By the end of the run only the current was moving us and the 20 minute time limit was approaching fast. A little breeze near the finish got us across the line with a minute to spare to finish 17th. Only 20 finished the race.
Day 4 and 15-18 knots and also very shifty. Race 1 we struggled up the first beat to round the top mark in the middle of the fleet but a great run and good 2nd beat got us up to 18th which felt like an escape. Race 2 and the breeze had dropped a bit so that we could sail comfortably for a change. Had a great start and worked the first beat nicely to round the top in mid teens. Held the spot in the run and worked the left up the second beat. A left shift in our favour in the light wind allowed us to round the top mark in 5th. Great something has finally gone our way. Leaders had kites up for the reach. We hoist ours but a big gust and a big shift onto our nose meant we had issues getting kite up. By the time it was up realised wing mark unreachable and had to drop again. By this time at least 15 boats had 2 sail reached over us and it was blowing to hard for us to even hold the boat down. Rounded outside the 20s and both very gutted…ended race in 25th.
Lay day was a beautiful sunny 8-10 knots seabreeze and no sailing was held. Day for us wishing what could have been and sightseeing aroung Howth.
Day 5 and we were held onshore due to strong winds. Plan was for 3 races to catch up the one lost on day 1. After and hour delay we were sent out into a very strong offshore breeze, probably stronger than day 1, with expectations that is was to ease, but it didn’t. Race 1 got a good start out of the middle and had a good beat with a little right shift in our favour to round mid teens at the first mark. Was blowing really hard and were really just surviving with the main pretty much inside out the whole time, a theme that would continue throughout the day. Managed a good rest of the race sailing well to our compass readings and with heads out of the boat for a change to work up through the fleet a bit to 12th depsite being slower than everyone around us. Race 2 was much the same. Got a great start and picked a great lane up the middle with space that meant boats weren’t sailing over us constantly and got to the mark close to 10th. A good run and a nice 2nd beat meant we held that position to the first reach. Luckily the wind had died a bit so we could hold the kite on the reach but that would change at the mark. A big gust on the wing mark and boats broaching all around, managed to get the kite down a 2 sail to the bottom. Lost a couple of places with boats that held their kite and missed the squall. Managed to finish up 15th so 2 nice placings considering the conditions. Race 3 was going much the same. Good start and lying easily in the top 20 after first lap but missed a 30 degree left shift up the 2nd beat to lose a huge number of places and finish the race in 37th..bugger.
Day 6 we were held onshore again because the breeze was too strong. A start was set for 3pm and we went out in a very strong, patchy and shifting breeze. A hard favoured boat end start for first attempt resulted in a general recall. The pin boat was moved up a long way before thd next start. This start was still heavily boat end favored the whole start sequence but got underway clean. We started well at the boat and near the top of the beat we were close to the front and not far off the lay line without having tacked. The OD then decided to abandon the race….bugger. The next start we got buried but found a reasonable lane up the middle and were mid fleet at the top mark. Again we decided to head right down the run and it paid off again. We had a good rest of the race to finish up 17th.
Day 7 and racing was moved forward 2 hours to try to get the last remaining race in before the breeze was predicted to die out. We headed out in an already dying breeze and got buried at the start again. Managed to find a lane to get out but got caught with a boat on starboard and had to do turns. Ended up working back into the top half after a good run but then missed a big left shift to round the top mark in pretty much no wind and in last. At that point we gave up and started to paddle home. Tough way to end the contest.
As to the off the water stuff. Local guys here have been great. We had lots of help getting the boat ready and many have been very keen to see us doing well. We managed to beat the local Irish champions, David and Chris, and they both have been very helpful also. The boat we borrowed was very difficult to get used to. Sheeting positions were all foreign to us and the use of kite bags took a long time to get used to. I won’t be keen to use them again!! We never really sorted out the rig and got the boat speed we have been accustomed to at home. Always felt like we were slower than the boats around us and had to take risks with shifts to stay in it. The facilities at the club were not as we are accustomed to. One ramp to retrieve boats meant up to 45 minutes to get all boats out each night and a very tight parking area once out. The bar area was very small and tough to get drinks after sailing. The Dun Laoghaire area itself is a great place to visit. The Dart makes travel easy to Dublin and around Dublin bay. We have really enjoyed our experience even though we feel we didn’t perform as well as expected