Day 6 update from the race course

2017-03-04T02:45:05+13:00March 4th, 2017|Event, World Championship|

The day began with beautiful blue sky and warmer than any day at the scheduled 1000 hr start time. Unfortunately the sailors were grouped in quiet gatherings in the club house with just a whisper of breeze. The AP faced the ground. The Australians broke out their croquet set, played without the normal hilarity. There was an air of intesity the day, was to be meaningful with positive results and the crew of Fflying Cloud needed an act of God to help them.

A whisper of northerly and the AP began to fly from the flag pole at the club. We launched before most and laughed on our way to the course how great this must feel to finish a race in the next Worlds with such few others in front.

The breeze freshened, touch of east but mostly north. The final race began around 1230 hrs, general recall! Another sequence, yes, nailed it. Oh no another general recall! The AP out for a period of time to make the adjustments, the wind had clocked east.

Start sequence three safely and we’re away! Pushing the right seemed a good option but so many boats, again.

Top mark and we’ve overlaid, how with all these boats. Downwind no issues but big grouping as per usual, stay clean, no trouble. We get pushed left, wanting right, breeze consistent but traffic, traffic. Top mark and we see familiar numbers, all sailing the best they can. The reach is fresh breeze, nobody climbing on us so we sail our course, picked a couple places on the gybe, well done Cam. Breeze slight bias to the right againl so we sail to the finish, thank goodness no more unfortunate meetings at marks as our Brit friend found out in his borrowed boat. A T bone to destroy his chance of 3rd place in the silver fleet, right place wrong time. Same boat who collided who had a failed shroud the day before and bent his mast beyond repair, retirement from this race so disappointment all around. We finish, salty, feeling like we really worked but didn’t get the result we desperately needed. Oh well, our first Worlds, what an experience.

The crew of Fflying Cloud would like to wish the ultimate winners their absolute admiration with their achievements, the greatest respect for the NZ teams that excelled and all other competitors that car so far and sacrificed so much to compete on the same course.

What a blast!

Chris Field
Fflying Cloud (3740)