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The Flying Fifteen

The Flying Fifteen is a high-performance planing dinghy which is now the most popular one design keel-boat class in the world. (The “fifteen” refers to it’s waterline length.) It is capable of some 14 knots on a reach without the problems arising from capsize or trapeze and is easily transportable and stored. It is arguably the safest, most exciting small yacht available. Mixed crews are common.

The Flying Fifteen was designed in 1947 by the famous British yacht designer Uffa Fox and has since become the largest fixed-keel class in the world with around 4000 boats. The Flying Fifteen has been modernised over the years with Uffa Fox agreeing to changes towards the end of his life to improve the design specification and sail plan. It gained International status in 1978 and the first world championships were held in Perth, Australia in 1979. Subsequent world championships have alternated between the Northern and Southern hemispheres biennially.

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2017 World Championships

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